What we’ve got; what they want

What do you want your town to look like, to feel like? Do you want some people, some houses, some farmland, some open space, some forest? That’s what you’ve got now.


Do you want this instead?

Where are the parks, the shops, the schools? Open space? Wildlife corridors? They all seem to be off the map somewhere.  Somewhere else . . .

Have a close look at the top left diagram. See how small this single ‘release’ is in the grand(iose) scale of ‘Alamanda’?

Sounds a bit like ‘Ozymandias’ (apologies to Percy Bysshe Shelley).

. . . and what, exactly, is an ‘eco lot’, a ‘lifestyle lot’, and a ‘contemporary lot’?

I smell weasels . . .

They’re just pretentious-speak for extra-small, small and medium-sized blocks of land,  500 – 700m2, in various dimensions.

To stop a select investment group, backed up by a large development company, from turning Woodend into a copy of Villawood’s other estates elsewhere, including the one above, it is necessary that you get involved in stopping them. That’s right – you. You may have never thought of yourself as an activist. You may be completely turned off by placard-carrying, door-stopping, phone-polling rabble-rousers. What will happen if you do nothing, and don’t become an activist, even just this once, is that this ‘vision’ of town planning, will, in 10 years, become a reality, just the other side of that green hill we all use to take our bearings around town.

Keep reading, especially the links in the sidebar > and the pages^, for ways you can put your 2 cents (or 20c, or $2, or $200,000) into what will be an achievement of worth: making where you live now, the place you want to live, without the ‘help’ of a business the same size and cuddlyness as the Death Star (yes, a Star Wars reference).


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