WRAP is Woodend Research and Action on Planning. We are volunteers, and we need you to be one as well. Enquiries to, and we’ll work out together how you can help stop Villawoodend. Every person who is against Villawood Properties actions in Woodend is one of us – if you live in town or further away, where is not important: your goodwill is all that counts.


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  1. Marek Sikora says:

    I have only just discovered this proposal from sister-in-law. I live in Hong Kong, but mother-in-law and brother-in-law live in seperate homes in Urquhart street and I own an investment property next door. I have visitted the town for at least 20 years and love the natural evolution into a very pleasant place with lots of facilities (the new park, pool, skate-board ramps, tennis courts, etc) as well as a corucopia of shops offering loads of quality and diverse products – in fact, I shop at Woodend rather than Melbourne! I invested in property (one fully owned and one jointly owned) in Woodend because of how it is, not because it could become a sprawl. I need to know more about the proposal, but on the face of it, I don’t want huge developments swamping a very pleasant and beautiful location – I much prefer the continuance of Woodend’s sustainable organic growth.

  2. Woodender says:

    So what’s the deal with the large “Villawood is Staying” sign on the Stockdale and Leggo shopfront? What does it even mean? Are they losing their shopfront advertising space? It seems very defensive – i.e. ‘We’re here to stay, even though the council won’t approve our rezoning demands and even though the entire community is against us…”

    • BACBikes says:

      ‘Defensive’ is about right. I’ve also heard ‘desperate’ and ‘last chance’ mentioned. C’rs John Connor and John Letchford are rumoured to be plotting amendments to change the Woodend Town Structure plan at tomorrow night’s meeting in Gisborne to favour rezoning land around Woodend. It’d be good to get as many people to go to that meeting as possible to applaud the counter arguments to their spiel.

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