Villawood introduce themselves to the new Councillors

Villawood have spent the early part of January ringing the new Councillors, setting up private meetings, and plan to present their “Davies Hill” (Golf Course Hill) project to a Councillor briefing at a date yet to be set in February. It’ll be outlining their “new, improved” plans for a smaller development (read: Stage One of a bigger development) and attempting to soft soap the social, economic and environmental impacts of 300-350 (read: an eventual 700 – 1000) new residences in Woodend.

Now might be a good time to dust off that email that you sent to the old Councillors last year and tidy it up and send it to the new Councillors. Nothing much has changed – they’re still pushing the same barrow. You might also like to contact Mr. Stuart Bonnington, who has signed up to be their resident PR flack:

108 High Street, Woodend, VIC, 3442

Stuart Bonnington: 0407 862 745

to tell him your feelings about what he’s promoting.

Here is a a small sample email to add your own thoughts to and send to Councillors if you can’t find yours. If you’d rather, send them a text or ring them – their numbers are on the linked page below:

Dear Councillor,

I am writing to you to state my continued opposition to the proposal by Villawood Properties to rezone farmland adjacent to Woodend, north and west of Golf Course Hill, for Residential 1 Zone (GRZ) development.

This development is totally out of character for Woodend, and marks a step towards the increasing suburbanisation of our shire. This is not the reason that we live here – we live here, and many people visit here, for the natural beauty, rural character and friendly nature of our town: all of which will be lost if large-scale suburban development, such as this one, is allowed to proceed. I urge you in the strongest possible terms to reject their application.

Yours sincerely,

Here are the contact details of the new Councillors

Please do this, it is important that all Councillors know how we feel. Forward this on to friends and neighbors, and family far and near, and ask them to support our town against greedy commercial interests.


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