“Make friends in a Villawood community and be proud to call it home”

Rory's shopfront


It appears that Villawood have NOT signed up with the closest possible estate agent, despite sharing an office with them, to push their overlarge and unnecessary suburban development. Stuart Bonnington assures us that he is not employed by Stockdale and Leggo, and that their co-arrangement of business premises is simply a place from which to make Rory and Simon’s plans for their wonderland on the hill abundantly clear.

We were also asked, under threat of legal action, by one of the principals of Stockdale and Leggo Woodend, Mr. Francis Lyford-Pike, to make it clear that no commercial arrangement has existed or currently exists between Villawood and Stockdale and Leggo as well. Consider it done, Mr Lyford-Pyke.

In our response to his request, we added our opinion that their co-location and lack of distinction in livery, and demarcation of space was bound to produce some confusion amongst casual observers, to the point that endorsement by Stockdale and Leggo of the recent arrivals might be reasonably assumed. We suggested that a public statement outlining their exact relationship would be useful, to avoid the alleged bad behaviour that has been stated by them and others to have been misdirected against them, when such alleged behaviour was really aimed at Villawood.

Stuart is still more than happy to have a chat in these matters, by the way. He is prepared to present a mild face of reason to “Davies Hill” for our benefit.

The address remains the same.

108 High Street, Woodend, VIC, 3442

Stuart Bonnington: 0407 862 745

Let him know how you feel about this.


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